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  • A senior moment: Swedish death cleaning: start now!

    Swedish death cleaning? No, it doesn't have anything to do with character with the black hooded cape and scythe in a movie by Ingmar Bergman. This is d#xf6;st#xe4;dning, a Swedish combination word of "death" and "cleaning," which means getting rid of your unneeded stuff so it isn't a burden for others after you die.

  • Welding students show off skills in smoker barrel contest

    Chico >> Fragrant smoke wafted through the air around the Chico High agriculture building on Friday afternoon as dozens of welding students showed off their building and cooking skills during the 8th annual smoker barrel build-off.More than 35 students participated in the event, showcasing the smoker barrels that they spent weeks building by smoking various meats for students, staff and teachers at the school.

  • Nutcracker collection featured at Patrick Ranch Museum

    Durham >> There are dogs, squirrels, old-fashioned models and a few from Europe. There are probably 50 nutcrackers, and they are part of a new holiday display at the Patrick Ranch Museum Visitor Center."They were donated by the family of (the late) Emmett and Ann Skinner," said Jan Holman, historian and volunteer at the museum.

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